Why You Should Learn CPR

CPR helps keep blood and oxygen flowing and dramatically increases the chances of survival in those who suffer a cardiac arrest. Up to thirty thousand Australians have a cardiac arrest each year, and about 90% of them die. Currently less than half of people who suffer a cardiac arrest in the community have someone step in to do CPR or use an AED before an ambulance arrives.

For every minute that passes without CPR and AED the chance of survival drops by 10%. Without quick intervention, someone who suffers a cardiac arrest almost always dies.

If CPR is commenced in the first few minutes after someone collapses the chance of survival dramatically increases.

There are many situations where CPR can make a difference. The whole point is to keep oxygen flowing in the injured party’s body long enough for them to get to a hospital. Some common examples include:

  • near drowning
  • suspected heart attack
  • drug overdose

Someday, you may be faced with an emergency, chances are the patient will be someone you know, either at home or in the workplace. Don’t you wish you knew CPR? Don’t you wish everyone did?

Knowing how to perform CPR and how to use an AED are essential life skills that everyone needs.

Learn CPR and help save a life.

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