Project Description


Our relationship with you enables us to give back to the community.

Over 33k Australians have a cardiac arrest each year and almost 90% of them do not survive. Currently less than half of people who suffer a cardiac arrest outside of hospital have someone step in who can perform CPR or use a defibrillator before an ambulance arrives.

To strengthen the chain of survival in communities, raising awareness of sudden cardiac arrest and training in CPR is essential. Our relationship with you enables us to give back to the community. While we deliver accredited and nationally recognised training at a fee, we also help communities on a no-fee basis.

We offer free training to groups that are most likely overlooked because of their disadvantaged status in the community or their age. First aid and CPR is something that everyone in the community can and should undertake.

By raising awareness and educating members in the community with life-saving skills in CPR and first aid, our hope is that more people will have the confidence to negotiate a medical emergency. This intervention can save the life of another person.

Helping empower a community with the knowledge and skills to help one another is what drives us every day. Together we can improve the survival rates of out-of-hospital sudden cardiac arrest.

Together we can strengthen the chain of survival in communities and improve survival rates in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest.


Who We Are

We're passionate about first aid training and raising awareness and educating the public on the only definitive treatment that will save a person from cardiac arrest.