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Defibrillator Maintenace

Defibrillator Maintenance

Maintaining your AED is an important task that is made up from a few easy steps that are necessary to make sure that your AED is in working order when you need it.

Is your AED ready to save a life?

Ensure readiness with regular AED maintenance.

Every second counts in a cardiac arrest. When you reach for an AED in the middle of a life-threatening emergency it’s vital that the AED device is ready to deliver a life-saving shock. If an AED isn’t properly maintained, the consequences can be devastating.

Although AEDs are sophisticated medical devices designed for years of service, they still require regular inspections and basic care to stay in working order. This means consistent visual inspections to verify the readiness status indicator, storage in a temperature-controlled area, and regular replacement of consumables such as batteries and electrode pads. These simple steps will extend the life of your AED and ensure it is ready when you need it.

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Defibrillator pads, batteries and accessories

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